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Understanding Screen Share Errors

If you are getting an error while trying to share your screen in a Room, read this article to learn how to resolve the issue.

While in a Room, when you click "share screen", a modal pops up that lets you pick a window, screen, or tab to share. That modal is actually controlled by the browser. We get a success or failure message back from the browser letting us know if we have permission to view and share your screen. If the screen share fails for some reason, the platform doesn't know why - only that it failed. If it does fail, it will open a new modal that we control and let you know it was either canceled or failed. 

These are the errors we have identified and could show in the modal:

  • An error occurred while sharing your screen.
  • Screen sharing is not supported on your browser.
  • No appropriate screens are available to share.
  • The screen share request was denied or canceled.
  • The screen share request was not permitted by the system.
  • The screen share request was denied by a security policy.

Giving your browser permission to share your screen will fix most issues that cause an error message to pop up. 

Read this article to learn more about how to control access to screen recording on Mac.