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Preciate Recognition Quickstart Launch Guide

Launch in 5 easy steps.

Now that you've officially joined the Preciate Community, it's time to plan and launch Preciate with your organization. For those individuals who'd like a deep dive into everything to consider when launching Preciate, please reference this article. For those individuals looking for the high-level basics, please read on to learn about the 5 steps you should consider when launching Preciate Recognition. For help or questions on any of the steps below, please write to support@preciate.com.


Preciate has made the difficult decision to sunset the Preciate Recognition platform. This decision was made largely due to a fast-growing interest in Preciate’s virtual meeting platform, and our increased need to dedicate resources to the development of that product.


Please read on for more information about the timing of the recognition application shutdown.

  1. April 30: Sunset of Support for iOS, Android, and Slack Apps
    On April 30, 2023, we will sunset Preciate Recognition’s iOS, Android, and Slack applications. The applications will be removed for download from their respective app stores, and we will no longer provide support for any bugs or technical issues experienced by those still using the apps.
  2. July 31: Sunset of Recognition Platform, including Web and MSTeams Apps
    On July 31, 2023, we will turn off the web and Microsoft Teams applications for Preciate Recognition. Users will no longer be able to give and receive recognition anywhere at this point and all access will be revoked. 

1. Convert Your Account

Once you have signed up for a Preciate account, navigate to the Admin Portal by clicking the initial icon in the upper right corner of the page to open the dropdown menu. Click on "Admin" and then click on the Account Profile section on the left hand side of the page. Click the "Convert" button and enter your organization name and email domain. Refresh the page and scroll down to verify your organization's email domain.

2.  Add your Users 

Before you get ready to launch and roll out your recognition program, you'll want to upload all of your users. This could include upwards of hundreds or thousands of users, and simply inviting each one will not be reasonable. Additionally, once you load your users into the system, you'll need a way to invite them ad hoc or all at once to ensure users receive the signup emails on your launch day. You can add many users in two ways: 

Preciate's Azure Active Directory Integration

CSV Upload

3.  Customize

This step can take the most amount of time depending on your level of customization and resources needed to create those. Preciate offers three main areas of customization: Badges, Stickers, and Portrait. Badges are the primary artwork and design of the recognitions your organization will use while Stickers provide supplemental design. Reference this article to learn more about the differences between Badges and Stickers. Your organization's Portrait is where recognition activity will appear in a collage style representation. 

Preciate provides 27 different badges. You can use those badges, change the names to create new badges, or upload your own artwork. Preciate also provides many out of the box stickers, and you have the option to upload custom stickers. Finally, organization Portraits have a cover photo, logo, and description that you can customize. Reference the articles below for design specs that your marketing team or artist can use to create your custom Badges, Stickers, and Portrait.

Depending on your marketing team or artist's bandwidth, this step will likely take up the most amount of time, so provide them with these resources early and plan accordingly.

4.  Coordinate with IT for adding users and integrations

Once your customization is set, you need to add your users. For Microsoft Office customers, coordinate with IT to configure our Active Directory Integration. This integration will automatically add, remove, and update users within Preciate as they are updated within your Active Directory. If you can't configure our Active Directory Integration, you can upload users via a csv file or invite them individually.

If you're going to integrate Preciate with Microsoft Teams or Slack, provide the below articles to your IT department for instruction on how to integrate Preciate. 

Configuring Active Directory and integrating Preciate into your preferred workplace platform often requires an IT Admin for your organization, but the process takes under 20 mins to complete everything.

We recommend integrating Preciate into Microsoft Teams 24 hours prior to your launch date. Once the app has been added to the sidebar, it will be visible to all of your users, so you will want to time it with your launch date.

5.  Launch with a primer email campaign

Once everything is ready to go, the next step is to determine your communication plan. We recommend that you send a primer email explaining Preciate and your desire to use it before sending any signup emails. This helps your users understand the significance of Preciate to your organization and signals that any emails coming from Preciate are safe and not spam. We also recommend several follow-up emails aimed at getting stragglers to sign up as we recognize with busy lives, it can take a few attempts before someone sign-ups.

When you're ready, kick off that email campaign and watch the good vibes go as your users sign up and start building stronger relationships!