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Known Issues

Here are some of the known issues users have experienced and how to work around them while our fixes are put in place!

Known Issues

1.  While powering an external monitor with your laptop or using Sidecar with an iPad, you may experience other user's videos freeze.  You may also experience jerky movement as you move around the room. This is related to your laptop working to power the other device, which leads to less resources spent on UI updates in the browser.  To resolve this issue: disconnect from the external monitor/Sidecar or use a docking station.

2.  Enabling the app, YouCam has reportedly caused issues, including not allowing you to access your camera and microphone settings. 

3.  With the macOS Safari 15 update that came out on 9/20/2021, there is a bug that degrades video performance within a room.  Upgrading to macOS Safari 15.1 will resolve the issue; however, it is only available on the newer macOS Monterey. If you are unable to upgrade, please use one of our approved browsers or an earlier version of Safari (version 14 or below) for an optimal experience.

4.  When attending a large event with connected rooms, you may experience the UI of your browser tab freezing if you move between the rooms constantly for several minutes. This is a rare occurrence as most users would not need to hop between rooms in this way. The freezing is related to the way your browser recycles unused visual elements. To resolve this issue: refresh your browser and re-enter the room.

5.  There is a Chrome issue that sometimes affects Screen Sharing. When a user goes to share his or her screen, the modal that shows the options that can be shared such as screen, tab, or application. If the preview of one of these options is black, this indicates that the browser does not have access to share the option. Trying to select this will result in an error modal specifying that you cannot share your screen. This is due to a bug with Chrome. To resolve, please close and restart your browser. This appears to restore this ability for the browser.

6.  There is a memory leak that occurs with the Firefox browser.  When attending a meeting via the Firefox browser, eventually the browser will run out memory.  This presents itself as slow UI updates and regular disconnecting and reconnecting.  To prevent this issue, please use another approved browser.

7.  If a recording includes multiple presenters, the audio and video can fall out of sync.  This sync issue is up to a second or two off and will persist for the rest of the recording even if the presentation goes to one presenter.  

8.  If a presenter begins a recording with his or her video off, the recording will fail to process.  To prevent this issue, please begin the recording with your camera on and then turn it off after it has started.

If you experience any issues not listed above, please report them to support@preciate.com