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How to resolve echo or feedback

Using headphones will resolve feedback or echo.

In most cases, modern computers and browsers have sophisticated echo cancellation and background noise suppression capabilities; however, there are some times when these capabilities fail. We've all been on a call where one person is creating feedback and needs to put on headphones.

If you're experiencing echo or feedback, it means that there is a device out there that is channeling your audio back. To isolate the person generating the echo, try muting the individuals around you one by one. Doing so will help identify whose device is generating the echo or feedback. Once you've identified the person causing the echo, asking them to wear headphones will eliminate the echo as the audio coming through the headphone speakers will not reach the mic.

The source of the echo can also be from:

  • Speakers (such as TV or soundbar) that are too loud
  • Echo cancellation has failed (devices or performance issue)
  • A bad microphone
  • Multiple people in a meeting, on multiple devices, in the same room

If someone in your Room is generating echo, asking them to wear headphones will resolve the issue.