How do I install and set up the Preciate Slack app?

The Preciate Slack app can be installed from the Slack App Directory.

This article details the steps on how to install and set up the Preciate Slack app in your workspace. Before you install Preciate into your Slack workspace, you should create or identify a channel where you want all the recognition to be posted. Whenever someone uses Preciate in Slack to recognize a team member, our app will post that recognition into a public channel. 

Preciate has made the difficult decision to sunset the Preciate Recognition platform. This decision was made largely due to a fast growing interest in Preciate’s virtual meeting platform, and our increased need to dedicate resources to the development of that product.


Please read on for more information about the timing of the recognition application shut down.

  1. April 30: Sunset of Support for iOS, Android, and Slack Apps
    On April 30, 2023, we will sunset Preciate Recognition’s iOS, Android, and Slack applications. The applications will be removed for download from their respective app stores, and we will no longer provide support for any bugs or technical issues experienced by those still using the apps.
  2. July 31: Sunset of Recognition Platform, including Web and MSTeams Apps
    On July 31, 2023, we will turn off the web and Microsoft Teams applications for Preciate Recognition. Users will no longer be able to give and receive recognition anywhere at this point and all access will be revoked. 

For Preciate to function properly, it must be installed in a public channel and added as a member. If either of those conditions aren't met, messages will not be posted or updated properly.


Installing the app

First, decide what channel Preciate will post into. If you need to create a new channel, use the following steps to add a new channel.

Create a channel

Click "Add a channel."

Add Channel-2

Pick a name and description.  Most importantly do not make it private.


Add the app to your workspace

Now that you have the channel where you'll install Preciate, click on the "+" button next to "Apps" at the bottom of your left hand menu.  

Add App

This will take you to a screen where you can search apps that are listed in Slack's App Directory.  Search for Preciate and click "Add."

Search Preciate-1

Next you'll be sent to Preciate's app listing in the Slack App Directory. Here you'll be able to read about Preciate's app and view some screenshots as well as a video of how to use Preciate in Slack. To add Preciate to your workspace, click "Add to Slack."

Add Preciate


Clicking "Add to Slack" will initiate the installation process. On this page, you'll see all of the permissions that Preciate is requesting and explanations for each one. When ready, click "Allow."

The "Learn More" button will take you to our Slack Page on

Preciate only requests the minimum necessary permissions to function.

Before clicking "Allow," make sure that the channel highlighted in the red box below is a public channel. Putting a private channel, DM, or group chat here will prevent Preciate from functioning correctly.

Permission Page

You'll know that Preciate was installed correctly because it will send a welcome message into the channel you selected under "Where should Preciate post?" 

Welcome Message


You're almost there! There's only one more step needed to set up Preciate so that messages will be updated correctly. Preciate needs to be added as a member to this channel. You can easily do this by typing @preciate and hitting enter. A window will open where you can invite Preciate to the channel.

Invite to Channel

You'll know it worked when you see this notification in the channel.

Invite Success

Now you're all set. Congratulations! Check out our article on giving recognition in Slack to get started.