How do I upload Room Items?

To upload Room items, you just have to have your images follow the specifications below and request a file drop folder or email them to our support team.

Room Item Images

To load files, you will need a file drop folder into which you will load your files. If you do not have a file drop folder already, you can request one at

Once we have your images, we will just need the Room link that you'd like us to add these items into. You can reference our Design Guide for more information on how you can position these items around the Room. If you would not like to use one of our preset item placements, we are always willing to accommodate custom placements and designs. 

You can also email your images to, if that is easier for you.

Room items must be:

  • PNG files
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • 150 dpi
  • Regarding image size, consider that a video bubble in a room is 200 pixels in diameter. If you want an item to be visible on the minimap, we recommend making it at least 400-600 pixels wide.

If you are not sure about the file size, send a bigger one. It’s always better to downsize an image than upside it.