How do I set a time frame for our Preciate reports?

Choose a start and end date to look at a set of Preciate data produced in a given time frame.

Preciate has made the difficult decision to sunset the Preciate Recognition platform. This decision was made largely due to a fast growing interest in Preciate’s virtual meeting platform, and our increased need to dedicate resources to the development of that product.


Please read on for more information about the timing of the recognition application shut down.

  1. April 30: Sunset of Support for iOS, Android, and Slack Apps
    On April 30, 2023, we will sunset Preciate Recognition’s iOS, Android, and Slack applications. The applications will be removed for download from their respective app stores, and we will no longer provide support for any bugs or technical issues experienced by those still using the apps.
  2. July 31: Sunset of Recognition Platform, including Web and MSTeams Apps
    On July 31, 2023, we will turn off the web and Microsoft Teams applications for Preciate Recognition. Users will no longer be able to give and receive recognition anywhere at this point and all access will be revoked. 

At the top of every page of Preciate reports, you will see a start date and end date. To choose a particular start date, click the field to pull up the calendar. Then, select the date and time.

start date for report time frame

Click away from Start Date, and click into End Date. Finally, enter the date you would like the data time frame to end. 

end date for report time frame

When you click away, the reports will reload with data from your chosen time frame.