How do I chat?

You can chat with everyone in a Scootaverse by using the button with a chat icon on the bottom-right portion of your screen or use the search bar, dropdown menu, or click the chat button inside a user’s bubble to message them directly


Using the chat feature is a fun and simple way to find where your connections are in the room. By clicking on the message icon, a chat window will appear on the right-hand side of the screen where you will be able to chat with a group or any individual participant in your Room.


Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 4-15-20 PM-png

You can either use the search bar on the top of the chat window to select recipients or click on the dropdown menu located above the text box to message people directly within your room. Scroll until you see the person whom you would like to chat with and click on their name to message them privately or select the “All” dropdown to send a public message to all members of your room. 

You can also message someone directly by Searching for them, opening their Smart Badge and clicking on the DM button. If they are next to you, you can chat them by hovering over their video bubble and clicking on the chat button that appears next to the Mute and Video toggle buttons. 



Chats only save while you're in the room. Refreshing the webpage will remove messages and you won't be able to see messages that happened before you entered the room.