Can my team use a 'virtual user' to have multiple hosts?

In some organizations, the creation of a 'virtual user' account that can be accessed by multiple users at one time is common for virtual events. While this is possible, it is not recommended for the following reasons


A user can only be in one room at one time, regardless of the number of licenses the user has. This means that if you were planning to have multiple people signed into your virtual user account during an event, only one person could be signed in at one time. Because of this, using a virtual user can be problematic during large meetings and events. 

Our suggestion for having a team facilitate larger meetings and events is to use our host delegation tool to assign co-hosts once inside the room. 

Collaborative Room Design

One of the most common reasons an organization may want to use a virtual user is to facilitate the room creation process and allow access to the room settings from multiple sources. While this is possible, it is important to remember that aside from choosing general settings, the account owner does not currently have the ability to upload or design rooms from within the platform. Therefore, giving multiple team members access to a virtual user account will not allow them to collaborate on designs and may result in confusion regarding room settings and permissions.

Instead, our Customer Success team is happy to work with your team in uploading as many iterations of your designs as necessary in preparation for your events. These designs can be uploaded to an individual account owner and do not require a virtual user.